Estate & Financial Planning

The first step in developing or reviewing your estate plan is to look at your current situation, to know where you are today and to assess what you want to do. An estate plan, like any plan, reflects your situation and what you want to do at the time it is prepared. As your personal circumstances change, your financial plans, both current and future, should be reviewed and updated. At Parker Garber & Chesney, LLP we proactively work with our clients to ensure that their planning needs are fulfilled. The services typically included as part of estate and financial planning is as follows:

•  Review of will(s) to ensure it complies with your overall plan

•  Business succession planning

•  Corporate reorganization including estate freezes

•  Use of Trusts

•  Minimizing taxes on death

•  Minimization of income taxes, probate fees and U.S. estate taxes

•  Utilization of available capital gains exemption

•  RRSP and insurance designations

•  Review of buy-sell agreements

•  Family law considerations

•  Non-resident status implications

For further details on estate and financial planning, please refer to the taxing times article including in the resource section of our website.

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