Condominium Services

Through our condominium services division we currently audit over 500 condominium corporations in Ontario today. We are appointed as auditors for condominiums all over the entire Greater Toronto Area. We act for corporations from York Region in the north to Queen's Quay in downtown Toronto in the south. We have condominium clients as far west as Burlington and Oakville and as far east as Pickering and Ajax.

Stephen Chesney, F.C.P.A., F.C.A. is the partner heading up our condominium services division and has become one of the most well renowned and reputable condominium auditors in Ontario today. He has appeared on various television shows and is currently writing a column in the Toronto Star's “Condo Living” section entitled “Condo Dollars and Sense”. To view Stephen's recent articles and television episodes please click on the following link: Condo Articles & TV Episodes 

The Toronto Star did a feature article on Stephen on the cover of the Condo Living section on Saturday July 15, 2000. Please click on the link below to view this story.

Stephen has written and currently teaches the course on condominium accounting to other Ontario accountants for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario. He also participated on the task force that wrote the “Accounting and Auditing Guidelines for Ontario Condominium Corporations”.

If you are looking for an auditor please contact Stephen Chesney at: Tel: (905)764-0404 x23 or Email:
We will be happy to supply you with a quotation as well as references if desired.