Accounting & Assurance

A significant part of our practice includes the accounting (Notice to Reader) and assurance (audit and review) services. At Parker Garber & Chesney, LLP we are committed to providing our clients with the following services in a cost-efficient manner:

• Preparation of financial statement

• Preparation of Corporate tax return including compliance and planning

• Bookkeeping including new business set-up and computer support

We believe the assurance work performed by our firm is a value added service. It is the practice of our firm to provide our clients with advice on how to enhance their company's systems of internal control. This allows our clients to strengthen the protection of the organization's assets, resulting in other operating improvements.

By staying in contact with our clients throughout the year, we are able to provide effective and efficient accounting and assurance services.

To benefit from our experience and quality services, contact one of our partners today.